About IBRI's Toxicogenomic Platform

Eli Lilly and Company, Dow AgroSciences, and the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) formed a multiparty collaboration to develop a shared data analytics platform for early assessment of the potential effects of different molecules on human health and the environment. A shared platform for early risk assessment using toxicogenomics and making that methodology available widely will help increase adoption of new risk assessment tools by the broader research community. This initiative will ultimately accelerate product development by enabling timely decisions on the safety of compounds early in the discovery process based on shared data sets, development of new toxicogenomics tools, and the collective understanding of molecular structure.

This toxicogenomics platform will initially build upon the respective expertise of the scientist's at both Eli Lilly and Co and Dow AgroSciences nad it will progressivelu increase in scope to enable the widers scientific community. Dow AgroSciences and Eli Lilly and Company both perform predictive safety assessments on a regular basis during discovery research efforts and have engineered their processes in a similar way despite doing this independently within their respective organizations. This project is an opportunity to work collaboratively to advance the predictive safety science more rapidly. The platform is being developed to facilitate sharing both private and public sector expertise and processes to the broader scientific community to enhance the reproducibility of results and catalyze advances in toxicogenomics.

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) is an independent, nonprofit discovery science and applied research institute within Indiana provides a unique partner to these companies to bridge these capabilities to the research community. IBRI can also facilitate access and engagement with the academic and other research organizations to assist in enhancing this platform. It is planned that this platform will be placed in the open source community at the appropriate stage to further develop these capabilities and integrate with other data sources.

Industry Partners Public Partners
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If you would like to participate as a part of this collaboration and/or become an early adopter. Please email the collaborative tox team at ctox@indianabiosciences.org.
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